Rohner Veterinary

Kaspar and Annina Rohner are two veterinaries, he's specialised in small, she in farm animals. Although their practice goes by the same name, their work is very different. The concept of the website is to show this connection/separation: On the landing page the user can choose to either navigate left (small animals, blue area) or right (farm animals, green area). Common topics like ‘philosophy’ are located in the middle.

The illustration on the bottom shifts when the user navigates to one side or the other, showing small or farm animals. Also the different buildings the vets work in are shown, helping visitors to recognise the places when they get there for the first time.

Scope: Concept, Website, Illustration
Client: Tierarztpraxis Rohner
Published: 2009
A teamwork at LOGLAN, Zürich


Melanie Schmidli, Actress

After having worked for several renowned theatres in Germany, actress Melanie Schmidli moved to the independent scene, realising her own production, curating a platform for performing artists and working on several other projects.

For the visual language I chose the look of a stencil as a metaphor for live performance: every show is basically the same but always slightly different. In the header of the website this is illustrated by a slow animation of different versions of Melanie's face. When scrolled to the bottom, her full length portrait appears behind the curtain. With the user friendly CMS concrete5, she can edit all content easily and keep the site up to date.

Scope: Concept, Logo, Business Card, Website (Design & Programming)
Client: Melanie Schmidli
Published: 2012


Sol de Primavera

Sol de Primavera is a politically and religiously neutral project based in Quito, Ecuador, which offers education and guidance to urchins and provides a medical centre for people living in deprived areas.

The website is a tool to familiarise potential sponsors with the country, as well as the many aspects of the project. It is structured into five sections, each coloured differently. Instead of emphasising misery and need for money, the gay look and feel underlines the positive impact the institution has on the lives of the people. Special attention is drawn to the teaser column by little animations of a rising sun (sol) and growing flowers, and statements from youths about how Sol de Primavera has changed their lives.

Scope: Webdesign
Client: Verein Primavera Zürich
Published: 2008
A teamwork at LOGLAN, Zürich


: : ARYB

When not busy designing houses, architect Andrea Bieri makes leather goods like bags, clutches and shoppers.

To promote her distinctive collection she needed a website, clean and functional, yet somehow special – just like her bags.

Scope: Website (Design & Programming)
Client: : : aryb
Published: 2012
A teamwork with Andrea Bieri



4dimensional GmbH develops applications for engineers to simulate processes occurring in nature.

The black square, the embodiment of artificiality – as Malewitsch already statet in 1915 – serves as a metaphor for the visual language of the logo and the website. The two-dimensional square leads to the third dimension: the black cube, and the fourth: the black cube moving over time.

Scope: Logo, Website
Client: 4dimensional GmbH
Published: 2012