Physiotherapia Paediatrica

Association of Paediatric Physiotherapists Switzerland

The Association of Paediatric Physiotherapists Switzerland regularly publishes flyers to educate parents, caregivers and medical staff. The flyers are published in German, French and Italian.

In 2015, I was commissioned to develop a visual identity to be applied to all flyers in all languages. I decided to use illustrations for the cover. This allowed us to design the cover according to our ideas and freed us from having to work with photos of different quality. The PP colours red and blue can be applied for consistency. Some key statements are highlighted in special boxes, and drawings are added to make the content more comprehensible. On the back page there is a set of boxes with consistent information such as contact address, date of publication and website.

Scope: Series of A5 Flyers, Illustrations
Client: Physiotherapia Paediatrica
Published: 2015, ongoing