Choreopleth Maps in D3

How many apartments are there in each municipality of Switzerland, by rooms? To get an overview, I built this application in D3.

Who would not mind shutting down nuclear power plants sooner than later? Unfortunately, quite a lot of people in Switzerland, as the 2016 referendum showed. The visualisations could also be found on some news sites, but it was much more fun doing it on my own in D3.


Bus Line Scenario Application

Singapore bus lines tend to be exceptionally long. This application was developed to simulate different scenarios for interference with a bus line. The actual, current state is displayed in muted, the simulation in saturated colours. People can interact via the controllers on the left to see what happens if e.g. more people live in the suburbs or an underground station is built. The whole visualisation was built in Java with Processing and Eclipse.


Transport of People and Goods

Overview of differences and similarities in transport of people vs transport of goods.


Future Resilient Systems

For the research programme Future Resilient Systems by the Singapore-ETH Centre, I designed two diagrams to explain the terms "Resilience" and "Critical Infrastructure Systems", in close collaboration with Prof. Dr Hans Heinimann and his team.


Future Cities Laboratory


For the application of the second phase of the research project Future Cities Laboratory by the Singapore-ETH Centre, I designed this Vision Sheet, in close collaboration with Prof. Dr Stephen Cairns.


Wavy hair

Zürich's 40 most popular names for girls over the last 20 years, built in R.