Wedding Card

I drew this illustration trying to put to paper a non-cautionary approach to what marriage is about. One bird protects the other with its wing, either could be the female or the male. They sit above a buzzing city – referencing to the bridal pair's real habitat – looking to whatever may come. The card was printed in tree solid colours: blue, black and shiny gold.

Printed: 2011


Wahre Helden

The event ‘Wahre Helden’ – true heroes – on role models and self-images of young men was organised by the department for Gender Equality Basel-Stadt. I designed a flyer with focus on the illustration. The collage assembles several stereotyped icons carried by a raw adaption of the Vitruvian Man.

Printed: 2009

Bubenträume – Männerrealitäten

The department for Gender Equality Basel-Stadt organised an event with public discussion on how young men can find ways to combine their boy's dream job with the reality of working life. I designed a flyer and a poster with focus on the illustration. I chose hats and headgear, as they are easily recognisable symbols for professions such as fire fighter, police man or pirate. A German saying for achieving two thing at a time is ‘zwei Dinge unter einen Hut bringen’, literally: covering two things with one hat.

Printed: 2010

Tarzan Shirts

For the Swiss label Tarzan, I designed a set of illustrations which were printed on T-shirts for men, women and children.

Printed: 2009 – 2011
Photos courtesy of Tarzan


fun project

fun project