Making Future Cities Conference

The first international conference of the Future Cities Laboratory took place in September 2011. Posters promoting the key lecturers and flyers with the whole timetable were produced. The topic of ‘Future Cities’ is reflected in the background image – a photograph of Marina Bay, Singapore, taken in the year 2006. Out of this construction site, the type ‘grows’.

The poster can be hanged horizontally or vertically, emphasising either text or image.

Printed: 2011


Apéro Riche

Typographical invitation card for farewell party

Printed: 2011


Design of poster and invitation card for the exhibition about Rembrandt's etchings at Kunstmuseum Basel.

The expressive self-portrait was chosen as the key image. As a reference to the copperplate, the motive was screen printed in shiny bronze colours. Therefore, depending on the lighting conditions, visibility and contrast of the image change.

Published: 2006
A teamwork at Neeser & Müller, Basel


Art Therapists’ Association Singapore

ATAS promotes an approach to Art Therapy that is ethically sound and clinically credible.

It was a challenge to develop an appealing visualisation that sensitively but neutrally communicates ATAS’ mission. As a motive I chose the tools that are used during sessions as well as the traces they leave. The preexisting logo is integrated through the use of colors. Borgia, a free font with a friendly and crafty expression is now used by ATAS for all their printed matter.

Printed: 2013


PechaKucha Night Singapore

On April 22nd 2011, the local creative crowd gathered for the reboot of PechaKucha Singapore. I designed the e-flyer, using the semiotics of the Japanese flag – the country of origin of PechaKucha – as a rising sun over Singapore's skyline.

Published: 2011

whatever happened to all the heroes

Actress Melanie Schmidli starred in the self-developed play ‘whatever happened to all the heroes’. The topic of this modern fairy-tale is reflected in the Cinderella-like motive of the printed matter.

Printed: 2006

Birth Card Ellen

For my daughter's birth announcement, I designed a card too big to hang on any fridge. Format is A2 folded to A5. The line ‘meins ist das Schönste’ is German for ‘mine is the most beautiful’, a statement often heard from parents, but not necessarily confirmed by others. Before the card is unfolded, the M is hidden which changes the meaning of ‘mine’ to ‘one’.

The pictures were picked randomly from a website of a hospital, publishing the faces of the newborns online and hence giving them a digital identity right after birth. One among all these faces is my daughter's, her privacy well preserved and only given away by the fact that she truly is the most beautiful.

Printed: 2010


Birth Card Ines

Design for my second daughter’s birth announcement. The stylised skyline of Singapore – a reference to her place of birth – was drawn by hand, vectorised and laser cut on colored paper. The card is folded to A5, her name popping up three-dimensionally when opened. On the bottom left, a cradle can be opened, revealing her picture.

Printed: 2013


PechaKucha Night Zürich

As an organiser of PechaKucha Night in Zürich, I designed this flyer to reach potential presenters.

The format of PechaKucha is very simple: Each presentation consists of 20 images being projected for 20 seconds.

The motive of the flyer is a reference to this concept: You see (with the eye) 20 projected images and you talk (with the mouth) for 20 seconds.

The logo and text are set in shiny silver.

Printed: 2009