In 2014, I started working for Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG, an exclusive Swiss confectionery founded in 1928 which has been pleasing chocolate lovers ever since with their unique Hüppen, a rolled wafer with delicious creamy filling.

I have been responsible for the design of about 100 products, including the redesign of the signature Tradition Line, many decorative tin boxes and the upmarket Premium Line.

It’s been very rewarding to collaborate with a client over such a long time. While I grew from novice to packaging design expert, I could witness a comparatively small business develop into a company with six cafés and salespoints in Europe and Asia.

In 2020, the Tradition Line was completely revamped. While some elements (light yellow background, red ribbon) remained, a lot of details were adjusted and modernised. The logo is embossed in gold foil.

For the 2021 Premium Line relaunch, I designed the base package plus four different sleeves. The color-coded background reflects the assortments. The border and little Swiss cross are printed in gold, and the background pattern varnished with a transparent gloss.