Future Cities Magazine

The Future Cities Magazine is a magazine published bi-annually by the Future Cities Laboratory. It serves as a format to showcase research, edited for the general public. Articles are usually about four to ten pages long, allowing the authors to give detailed insight into their work.

I was responsible for the identity, design and print coordination of the magazine. In collaboration with Uta Bogenrieder, I designed several editions and developed a template for subsequent issues.

The overall look is light and airy, combining maximum readability with the presentation of high-quality, large-format images. The page size is 205 × 274 mm and enables many layout options, and reading comfort.

Text flows over either one or two columns. Additionally, there are many options for more sophisticated typography.

The most extensive issue was a 166 page compendium by the chair of Prof. Marc Angélil, edited by Sascha Roesler, on Natural Ventilation in Singapore and on Sumatra.

A picture series by artist Katja Jug, printed full bleed on uncoated paper, was featured.

It was a real challenge to assemble the diverse material, brush up the 300+ images and infographics, and layout the whole content in order to purposefully communicate the research findings. The design proved to be robust and flexible enough for the nitty gritty content.